Burn - Clean - Plant - Protect

Keep mosquitoes at bay with our triple wicked Citronella candle! This isn't your average insect repelling candle, because it's a handcrafted blend of essential and fragrance oils created by Seminole Candle Company. Within minutes of lighting, your outdoor area is illuminated by aromatherapeutic flames that drive insects away.

Even better, this candle comes with a plantable citronella seed paper. When you've used up the candle, simply wash it out with warm water and dish soap. Add a layer of gravel and potting soil, top with seed paper. Keep the paper damp, and within about 10 days, you'll have citronella seedlings to be planted throughout your landscape for pest protection!

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Orange and lemon

Middle: Eucalyptus 

Bottom: Citronella

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