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My husband and I cannot thank Jenny enough for her beautiful work on our wedding favors. Her creativity in blending us a custom scent made our wedding favors so memorable. More than that, Jenny is such a lovely business owner to work with -- working with her was truly one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning experience. 

Morgan Morris Inabinet

When I say it is a pleasure to create, collaborate, and do business with Jenny - know that I can just not find better words to describe it. She makes candle dreams come true, in the most professional and accommodating way possible. A purist and perfectionist, you will never have to worry about the quality of her products.

Brooke S.

My girlfriend and I absolutely love this scent. We've tried several Seminole candles and this is our favorite. It has a great throw to it, and even smells nice when it's unlit. We're sure to be getting many more!

Ryan S.

I was proud to display our custom gifts as decor on our tables and our guests loved receiving a hand crafted gift! I cannot thank Seminole Candle Company enough for their great customer service experience and amazing hand crafted product!! There is nothing better than coming home after a long day to the fragrance of our perfect day!

Kim Daniels

 ...The process was easy, the tins were professional and looked amazing and the scents were fabulous... If you’re looking for a favor to make your party stand out, check out Seminole Candle. You seriously can’t go wrong.

Dea L.

SOY Amazing!

We🖐pour renewable soy wax candles and melts from USA grown soybeans. Paired with premium fragrance oil and cotton wicking, our artisan products provide a healthy, clean, long burning, highly fragrant experience.

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