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Some of you know upon first sight that Seminole Candle Company's logo is a dogwood blossom. While they aren't fragrant, they are so beautiful in both appearance and meaning.

If you've read our "About Us" page, you know we're named Seminole Candle Company because of the love for our Seminole Drive home in South Carolina. A lot of that love comes from the trees (many of which are Dogwoods), and nature we're surrounded by. Dogwood blossoms signify renewal, that Spring has arrived. Native Americans planted corn based on the presence of Dogwood blossoms, and there's a lot of interesting folklore surrounding the trees. We love that the Cherokee had a legend concerning Dogwoods. They believed that a tiny race of people lived in the forest and watched over them. They were called The Dogwood People. They taught them how to live in harmony with the land, and watched over the elderly and infants. The Dogwood People believed in doing good deeds for others with simple acts of kindness, not for personal gain or to have someone indebted to you.  

Aesthetically, I love their crisp, creamy white, symmetrical "petals" that show in late March contrasting the dull, dingy, wintered landscape. They're a sight for sore eyes, providing inspiration for the season to come. Interestingly, dogwood blossoms aren't true flowers. Their "petals" are modified leaves known as bracts, which allow the blossoms to endure the unpredictable early Spring weather we encounter.

After a few weeks, the blossoms fall to the ground like snowflakes, and are replaced with scarlet red berries - coinciding with the arrival of many bird species. Also, our dog, Ping, gets a lot of enjoyment from playing with the berries - as seen in the video below! For these reasons, the dogwood blossom is the logo we love!

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  • What a pretty backyard!

    John Kelley

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