Custom and Private Label Candles

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Partner with Seminole Candle Company to create one-of-a-kind products for your business or event!

Delivery guaranteed within 2 weeks of order placement!



Getting married? Our custom couple candles are the perfect wedding favor!

We work with couples to create custom signature fragrances. By combining the scents you love most, a one-of-a-kind candle is made and serves as an aromatic time capsule of your big day! Guests will be reminded of you and the day you became a family each time they light their couple inspired candle. 

Hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party?

We can candle that! Our 4 oz. custom label tins with baby powder fragrance are a crowd pleaser and can be colored to your preference. 

Do you have a favorite vessel that you'd like to repurpose into a custom soy candle? 

Give new life to sentimental pieces by filling them with aromatic, dye free, all natural soy wax. At $2/ounce, you won't feel guilty about burning them - and you're repurposing a beloved vessel into an illuminating, aromatherapeutic candle! 

Are you a retailer or event venue interested in enhancing experiences and growing sales? Capture your brand or event through custom fragrance!

As a retail business, event host or venue, you have plenty to consider when creating the right atmosphere to suit the event or goods and services you’re selling. Location, décor, employee uniforms, lighting, art, temperature, music and increasingly smell, all combine to create an immersive brand or event experience.
Keep in mind, memory and scent are directly linked. Well-received ambient scents can enhance events or positively influence purchase behavior if the scent seems to match the products in a retail setting. 
Let us help you create your custom, signature scent that represents your brand or event. We work with you to determine the best fragrance, color, vessel and packaging to accomplish your goal. Let us know what you have in mind by filling out the form below, we'll contact you within 1 business day to get the process started. We deliver the finished custom product within 2 weeks, guaranteed!